Welcome to the Adventures of the Ranzington Scouts

A long time ago, a group of friends met online while playing a game called Neverwinter Nights in which the main focus was to role-play our characters. The biggest city in this game was called Ranzington, and a lot of characters began their adventures there. Although technology has advanced to the point where Neverwinter Nights looks very outdated today, the legend of the Ranzington Scouts was born, and these are their collected adventures.

To us, the Guild Wars 2 universe is full of lore, opportunity for discovery and for adventure. We get together to explore every little nook there is to discover in Tyria. We love what we do, and although we see many players “farming”, or just trying to max out their characters, to us it is about the voyage and not the destination. When we are together, our characters come alive so the unexpected often happens, which can be quite humorous, and sometimes that is all that really matters.

This blog was created to bring life to Tyria. To show other players of how limitless the game can be with a little imagination, and a good group of players. The leader of the Scouts, and writer of this blog, is a ranger called Urebril Sener. I intend to share with the readers, some of the adventures and interactions with other players of the Ranzington Scouts. It is my goal to inspire each and every one of you, to make Guild Wars 2 into the adventure that it can be. With a bit of imagination, and a good group of friends, you will find that some of the quests you share, will become cherished memories that will remain with you for a lifetime.

If you ever see Urebril Sener in Tyria, do not hesitate to stop for a chat, unless I am in the middle of a fight. In the meantime, I wish you all safe travels, and may you enjoy the adventures I am about to share.

~Urebril Sener

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