Ulterior Motives

             When George Unty, renown cleric of great skill, asked me if I wished to accompany him for a hunt of a certain dragon that was causing trouble, I was a bit suspicious. I was never asked to go in one of his raids before. Why now? “Ure, I need a talented ranger for this hunt,” he said, “you will be well rewarded for your troubles.” I respectfully nodded and said, “It would be an honor.” After he departed I started wondering about his true motives. Maybe I was being overtly paranoid but there are very few humans that I trust, and George Unty is not one of them.

            The names on my very short list of trusted humans include his daughter Peyton Unty, an amazing warrior  whom by this time had been going out of her way to protect me, her sister Hera Unty, an elementalist whose magical prowess is beyond compare, a knight named Turin, incredibly fast with a sword and shield, but slow with his speech because of numerous traumatic brain injuries, and Khalin Ravenheart, a guardian whose healing abilities have saved me from the brink of death, more times that I care to count, including one time while at an embarrassing flower quest. George Unty, always gave me the impression of  withholding information for his own benefit, regardless of the cost to others. I could be wrong, he could be looking at a bigger picture, but as a Sylvari ranger accustomed to trusting my instincts, I cannot help but feel unease whenever I am around him.

            We were to meet at the city gates at noon and by the time I got there, George already had a good sized group of his closest friends. I recognized many of them because George Unty always traveled with the same group of very powerful adventurers, and would rarely travel with “lesser beings”. It is said that George, along with some of his friends, had gone to deal some of  his well-known “Unty Justice” to the Underdark’s denizens, on more than one occasion.  Some rumors travel very far, and some tend to get more elaborate the further away they travel. By the time I heard of the “Legendary Geo Unty” the man had demigod status among the common folk of Ranzington, but I digress. Here I was, the “lesser being,” surrounded by George Unty’s friends and family.

            George was busy talking to his daughter Peyton.  Lubu, his deadly bodyguard, stood close by silently keeping watch of anyone foolish enough to get too close.  I saw the well-meaning female cleric Athena, and her companion Artemis, off to the side, having a conversation with another stranger. I was about to excuse myself from the expedition when Peyton saw me, she smiled, and  waved at me. “Damn her eyes,” I muttered, now there is no way I could get out of this. My options were to go and protect Peyton, or go to the nearest bar in the Black Citadel in order to acquire the services of a sword jockey. I could always feint sickness, but that would not be very honorable, and it would make me seem cowardly in front of the Unty clan. I will not allow that to happen. I waved and smiled at Peyton who began walking towards me. Behind her I caught sight of George whispering something to Lubu who turned to stare at me. I smirked and nodded at “Captain Obvious” but I was ignored. That interaction really did not help my sense of unease. “Hello Ure! Are you ready?” said Peyton. I replied with a grin “I am always ready Peyton” and with that, we began our adventure…

~Urebril Sener

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