A Drink in Lion’s Arch

          Our first stop was Lion’s Arch, where everyone was to gather supplies for the long journey ahead. Since I had what I needed, I decided to use the time to get more information, about our expedition from Peyton Unty. I still did not know anything about our destination. The only information provided was that a dragon would be the target of our quest. The unexpected invitation from George Unty was such a shock, that I forgot to ask more questions. I knew Peyton would have the answers I needed, just like I knew exactly where she would be.

         The walk to the nearest tavern should have been uneventful but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being followed. Lion’s Arch was bursting with activity that day; and being as crowded as it was, my mind could have been playing tricks. I do get a bit on edge when in crowded towns or settlements. With a shrug, I continued walking towards Peyton’s favorite destination, reminiscing with a smile, about our drinking competitions. I have not met a living being that could outdrink Peyton Unty.

        As soon as I entered the Cloud Skimmer Tavern, I managed to sidestep in order to avoid a flying barstool. Looking towards the point of origin, I saw Peyton launching a drunken Norn backwards, with a mighty punch that would have probably broken my neck, had I been the recipient. Surprisingly, the Norn got back on his feet and charged at Peyton, but she was already expecting such a move. I shook my head smiling and took the nearest available seat to watch the show. Peyton used the unfortunate giant’s momentum against him, by quickly moving forward and kicking, with more force than necessary, the Norn in the groin. With a collective and loud groan, from many of the male patrons, the Norn assumed a fetal position on the tavern floor, while Peyton returned to the bar to finish her ale.

        I stood up and walked over to Peyton, who had finished her ale by the time I got to her, and said, “That was not a fair fight, Peyton.” Without turning to look at me, she replied, “There is no such thing as a fair fight, Urebril. You win, or you lose…those are the only two outcomes. I chose to win.” I turned to watch as some Norn Guardians helped their fallen comrade out of the bar and replied, “Makes sense to me Peyton, but try and explain that to your new friends as we fight our way out of Lion’s Arch.”

 ~Urebril Sener

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