The Unusual Suspect

It was a truly beautiful day in Sparkfly Fen. The summer sun was shining brightly, high in the sky, the birds were singing their songs, and the trees seemed to sway peacefully as a gently breeze caressed their canopies. “Curse you!” I yelled the spontaneous oath as I shot an arrow at yet another walking corpse amidst this natural splendor. The attack, while not unexpected, had begun abruptly with some very large looking maggots emerging from the ground and spewing their poisons at our defensive positions. I did not even attempt to use the Asura fire breathing device since common sense dictates that Sylvari and fire do not mix. Instead I focused on defending myself with what I knew best, my bow.

From my position, I could see Peyton Unty setting the undead ablaze with the infernal Asura weapon and enjoying herself so much that I could hear her laughter from where I was. “Crazy woman,” I said while two more risen fell down with arrows protruding from their heads. The fight seemed to be going well on all fronts and the group of risen was not as large as the one encountered on the coast the previous day. George Unty was dispatching corpses with his mace while next to him was Lubu who was killing risen with reckless abandon. The Asura who was so concerned with the “increased risen activity in the area” just stood there watching us repel the attack as if under a spell. I suppose it can be forgiven as my companions seemed like skilled performers with their spells and were like acrobats whenever they dodged an attack. I decided that I disliked this diminutive member of the Vigil for requesting our assistance without providing any assistance, other than Peyton’s new favorite weapon.

By midafternoon the battle was over with charred undead bodies everywhere. There was barely any valuable loot to recover since most of it was burnt by Peyton. I was grateful when George ordered for the party to leave the bodies were they died. We saved the fort but they could take charge of the cleanup efforts because we had wasted enough time already. We briefly stopped by the merchant to get a few more supplies for our journey and departed from Fort Cadence as soon as everyone was ready. We had not arrived at our final destination and I was already tired of fighting the undead.

“See? Not bad at all” said a smiling Peyton disturbing my thoughts. “At this point Peyton, I am starting to suspect that these attacks are not random coincidence” I saw her expression change as I continued, “and I believe the person responsible is closer than we think so we best be wary.” Up ahead we could see the rest of the party talking and laughing with each other. Everyone except for Lubu whom I had never heard utter a single word since the adventure started. I thought that perhaps he was mute, but then I remember seeing George Unty quietly talking to Lubu when nobody was else was nearby. I always wondered about the unsettling sensation I experienced whenever surrounded by the rest of the party. At that moment I realized that the enemy is never more intimidating than when he is undistinguishable.

~Urebril Sener

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