Flight or Fight

          I hate darkness. I cannot kill what I cannot see. Urebril may have been able to see in the dark better than anyone in the group but I prefer to see when my axe makes contact with my target. My father, George Unty wanted to steal something from a dragon. I didn’t think that stealing from a dragon was a good idea but my love for combat, the sense of adventure and the promise of valuable loot was just too much to resist. I hate spiders too, so I hoped that when we entered the dark halls we would not be overwhelmed by giant hairy spiders. The underground passages were abyss black without the torches but even the torch I carried was not bright enough to illuminate the bridge we were about to cross. My axe hand was perspiring from the tight grip I had on the handle and I ached to fight whoever was responsible for the unnatural darkness. When I saw Lubu’s torch go out, I thought nothing of it. That idiot probably did not add enough oil, but when Artemis torch went dark I knew trouble had found us and we were in for a fight.


            I dropped my torch as soon as it went out and grabbed my second axe from my belt. I heard Athena and my father muttering magical words as Urebril released a few arrows in rapid succession into the darkness. “You have got to be kidding me,” Ure said and quickly adding “MOVE!” I instinctively flinched and began to run when I heard the deafening roar of a large creature above us getting louder. Athena’s hand lit up brightly with a spell and that is when I first saw the very large eyes of the undead dragon flying straight down towards us. “RETREAT!” was my father’s immediate command, “GET OFF THE BRIDGE!” Athena casted a haste spell on the group as we sprinted across the bridge towards the center of the chamber. We had barely crossed the halfway point of the bridge when the dragon plowed through the portion of bridge we were just standing on mere heartbeats ago. We kept on running as fast as possible as the bridge began collapsing from the point of impact. It was clearly evident to everyone that we would not be getting out from whence we came, if at all.


          As we ran, father casted another spell that imbued all melee weapons with blue magical fire and gave everyone a source of light. We barely made it off the bridge by the time it completely fell into the darkness of the void and loss sight of the dragon in the ever-present darkness. We formed a defensive circle in the middle of the room and listened for the sounds of another incoming attack. Urebril was the first one to start shooting arrows into the darkness at an enemy nobody else could see in the light of our weapons. “Damn your eyes spawn of hell!” He yelled and got another roar full of rage from the undead dragon. With a thundering crash the dragon landed in front of us. As Ure kept his arrow barrage on the ancient beast I gave a warcry and charged our enemy with axes ready to strike. To my left was Lubu sprinting to close the gap with the dragon while to my left I could see the blue flames of Athena’s mace as she charged the beast’s right flank. I could not see father, but I could feel his enchantments giving me strength and speed. I also lost sight of Artemis the thief but I had no time to dwell on that as my right axe made contact with one of the dragon’s talons. I was about to hack the appendage off with a downward strike of my left axe when suddenly I found myself launched backwards, past Urebril and landed heavily on my back unable to breathe.  I sat up and saw a piece of rotting dragon scale embedded in my chest plate. I quickly gathered my wits and charged at the dragon once again, this time hurling one of my axes past Lubu’s head and into the roaring open maw of the monster.  Without any warning water rose from around Lubu’s feet and swallowed him whole.


          “Urebril! Shoot at its eyes!” said my father in the hopes of temporarily blinding the dragon and running forward trying to help Lubu out of the watery grave. This was a losing battle and to remain here meant death to us all. “What do you think I am trying to do old man?” muttered Urebril as he continued firing arrows at the creature’s glaring dark orbs. With another deafening roar the dragon stumbled back when one of Ure’s arrows found its mark. I was about to go help father recover Lubu when I was tackled by Artemis. “What the he…” I began to say when I saw the dragon’s tail retreating from the spot I occupied moments ago. “Thanks Artemis.” I said frustration building at my carelessness. “Get out of here!” I said pushing Artemis hard towards the opposite end of the chamber. “Find us an exit!” Without a word Artemis disappeared from sight and I turned around just in time to see father retrieving a wounded Lubu from whatever watery dimension he had gone to. Athena was attacking the right flank with powerful blows of her mace but if they had any effect, the dragon gave no indication of any pain.


          The dragon gave another loud roar and charged at Urebril. Father took advantage of the distraction to drag Lubu away from the battle and shout an order at Athena to retreat. Athena seemed to hesitate for a moment watching the dragon charge at my Sylvari friend but obeyed the order and ran to help with the injured Lubu.  Righteous fury rose from the deepest recesses of my soul at this undead monster charging at Urebril. I grabbed my mace from my pack as I charged after the creature, while yelling as hard as I could to try and get the dragon’s attention. I knew Urebril was capable of taking care of himself, I had seen him survive numerous encounters that would have killed other less skilled adventurers many times over, but I was not going to sit idle to watch him tempt fate alone. I saw Ure dodge out of the way at the last moment of the monster’s charge. The dragon stopped and turned to roar once again at the infuriating ranger. I jumped as high as I could with my mace raised high and hit the dragon’s head so hard that his roar was cut short. While the attacked seemed to momentarily daze our enemy I jumped down, grabbed Urebril, threw him on my back and sprinted in the direction I had seen the others disappear.

 ~ Peyton Unty

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