The Legacy

          Trying to escape from a dragon that belonged in the darkness was not an easy feat if at all possible. The chances of survival were slim and if Lubu did not recover soon we would have to abandon him in the darkness. I hated the thought since he had saved my life more times than I could count but there was no sense in sacrificing the many just to save the few. We were now being hunted by a creature that should have been dead a very long time ago, but as I suspected whatever evil magic kept it alive, seemed to also prevent the monster from leaving the massive chamber. Someone had a very powerful undead dragon guarding an artifact and I intended to find that artifact by any means necessary. The only way to accomplish that would be to make it out to the surface alive.


          Artemis thought she had found a way out of the underground and was leading us at a quick pace through spider web covered hallways. I had specifically chosen Artemis because of her unparalleled skills as a thief for this quest. If we planned to steal an artifact undetected from a dragon, there was no better thief than Artemis in all of Tyria. Unfortunately I did not foresee being discovered by the dragon before we could retrieve what we came for, and that oversight would cost us dearly. I suspected the ranger had something to do with the ambush as he had never been with us on any of our previous quest, the undead seemed to follow him wherever we went and although Peyton trusted him, I did not.


          As we traveled in silence and limited visibility, Lubu had recovered enough from his watery grave ordeal to walk on his own. Athena remained close to him just in case, while I took care of protecting us all with spells. We used the blue flames from my enchanted weapon as a light source but I knew the spell would not last forever. As skilled as I may be with spell castings we needed to leave the chamber and find a different source of light fast if we were to survive our journey to the surface. I was brought back from my thoughts by Athena’s query, “What about Peyton and the ranger?” she asked. “Peyton will be with us shortly and we no longer need the ranger.” I said as matter of fact, “Surely he will try to keep the dragon distracted so that Peyton can escape. If we survive, the scribes in Lion’s Arch of will hear of Urebril Sener’s heroic sacrifice for the Unty Clan.”


          We reached the end of a hallway and made it through a crumbled wall into a smaller room. Far behind us I thought I heard Peyton shout and soon after, one of the dragon’s roars seemed to end abruptly. Athena glanced at me but I just shook my head and said, “Ask her about it when she catches up with us.” I forced a smile trying to convince myself that she would somehow survive and  find us but doubts were starting to seep into my mind. My first responsibility is the survival of the clan. If I died this day, the Unty clan would exist only in legend. My crafted weapons would be the only reminders of my name and that would not do at all. My legacy will live on until the end of days and I, with the help of the elusive artifact, I would be there to watch it happen.


~George Unty

2 thoughts on “The Legacy

  1. You know, my general rule is that I absolutely detest 1st person writing. Somehow, you always manage to do it in a way that’s captivating, connects with me, and avoids redundancy. I’m amazed at how you maintain a limited use of “I” throughout first-person writing, and that’s a huge gift!!!

    I LOVE IT!!

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