Greed and Betrayal

          “Argh…damn you!” came the cry of the clumsy old man behind me as a large spider knocked him down. The gigantic spiders were too many to be considered a chance encounter. Someone or something had spooked them and made them come running down the hall towards us, like the rats before them. There was no time for planning a strategy, just time to fight which is how I preferred to do battle. My instincts were honed for this type of fighting. Since childhood have I been fighting with all sorts of weapons to the point that I have no knowledge nor desire to do anything else. I was born to fight and would continue to do so until death claims me. These spiders would not be the end of me. The attack came so swiftly and without mercy that whatever had made this swarm of spiders angry was of no consequence at that moment.
          The vain and greedy old man was once again out of his league and it would be up to my sword to save his skin as I’ve done so many times before. George Unty may have helped me out during our earlier battle with the undead dragon but we both knew that his ignorance is what led us to that predicament. Besides, without me he was a dead man walking. Without a second thought, I decapitated one of the spiders with a flick of my sword and burned two others with the torch on my left hand. It was time to save the sorry excuse for a guardian that was George Unty once again. His skill at crafting legendary weapons was without compare and he always paid well for my services as a sell-sword, but he had made it perfectly clear that I was not part of the “Unty Clan’ and that the only thing he required was my skill with the sword. It was a dead end job and we both knew it although it was never discussed. I had different plans and everything was working beautifully so far.
          The magical artifact was said to have control over death. I could lead an army of undead soldiers and the Unty Clan as well as the rest of Tyria would have to bow before me.  “Thank you,” said the George Unty as I helped him back to his feet. He then shouted “behind you!” but before he could finish his warning another spider head flew off against the wall to our left. “Get us out of here!” commanded the foolish old man and without a word I resumed with my business of killing and business was good. The giant spiders offered large targets that were easy to hit and death was dispatched with every swing of my sword. Soon, very soon the artifact would be mine and the only remaining obstacle would be the other guardian Athena but her spells were no match against my fury or determination. Artemis seemed to have met her end, Peyton was lost in the underground labyrinth and the ranger Urebril was surely dead in the undead dragon’s maw. George Unty’s days were numbered, he just did not know it yet.


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