The Uninvited Guests

After what seemed like hours of fighting the accursed giant spiders, my sword arm was burning something fierce from muscle failure. Athena and George Unty were showing signs of exhaustion and several bleeding wounds could be seen on all of us, in the dim light provided by the torches or burning spiders. I had managed to clear most of the arachnid foes in my vicinity with the help of George and he took advantage of the respite to lean heavily against a wall, his last remnants of strength spent. This seemed like the perfect moment to take him out of his misery and begin to enact my plans of the conquest of Tyria. Standing straight I turned towards the old man but froze when a large dark shape approaching fast from behind us caught my attention.

“MIGHT MAKES RIGHT!” came the shout from the darkness and out of nowhere a very large Norn ran past us charging at the giant spiders that were rapidly overwhelming Athena. The giant’s weapon of choice was a massive hammer and he swung it effortlessly displaying a fighting prowess that was hypnotic. Immediately following the Norn came a terrifying humanoid looking creature with a single horn protruding from its forehead, the stench of death and a horrible visage. The undead thing ran at the spiders following the Norn like a haunting version of “follow the leader.” The wanton destruction and spider bodies left behind by the strangers was terrifying to behold yet I stood there transfixed unable to look away. As I stared at the unfolding scene before us, a cloud of pure darkness dissipated and revealed a beautiful Norn female gracefully running past us to join the melee. Raising some minions from the corpses around us she joined the fray striking down any spider attempting to escape the massacre.

The battle against the remaining spiders was over in the blink of an eye and for the first time I noticed George Unty standing slack jaw next to me staring at the unexpected rescuers. The male Norn holstered his massive hammer behind his back and looked around while the female stood quietly with her minions looking at the stupefied Athena. “Mataenos Blackstone at your service!” hollered the giant, ”Oh…and my companion Raluehr.” This last introduction he added uncomfortably as if he had forgotten she was there. “Well met friends,” replied George. “I am George Unty, patriarch of the Unty Clan.” Mataenos and Raluehr exchanged glances and shrugged uncomprehending the significance of the introduction. George continued, “These are my companions Athena Unty, Lubu and Art…” he paused suddenly recalling Artemis’ disappearance before the attack. “We have suffered great losses. We are all that remains of our party and were attempting to find our way to the surface when we were ambushed.” Mataenos pondered for a moment and replied, “Judging by your direction of travel, you passed an exit a few halls back.” With a grin he then added, “Allow us to show you out.”

~ Lubu

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