Death Cometh

“Death unexpectedly arrives and inexorably calls us all. Sometimes we act as death’s messengers but ultimately we all receive our own invitation. Death can be peaceful, calm, a release from suffering, but it can also be swift, brutal, violent and merciless. Death is often a cruel outcome to a life full of hopes and dreams. Death has finally come to claim you and there is nothing you can do to delay the inevitable.”

All was well as we followed our new companions to the surface. It was dusk when the group came out from the underground labyrinth. In the middle of a Tyrian forest, our party emerged from the ruins of an old cottage. Trees stretching into the foggy grim gray sky loomed all around the abandoned decrepit ruins. “Where are w..?” Athena Unty began to say but I motioned for silence with an outstretched arm. Muffled sounds could be barely heard throughout the forest and faint impressions of movement began to haunt the corners of my vision. Without prompting, everyone had drawn their weapons and the spell casters began to chant their spells.

Suddenly, Mataenos shouted “For great justice!” and charged into the mist with his warhammer poised to strike down any foe foolish enough to cross his path. His bravery in the face of uncertainty launched the rest of the group into action. A death shroud surrounded me as I ran towards the sound of battle. My undead minions ran ahead in order to trigger any trap, or ambush possibly waiting for us in the shadows of the trees. “Might makes right!” hollered Mataenos a few strides ahead and I heard my minions engage a still unseen enemy. Behind me I heard Athena curse out loud and the sound of weapons clashing soon after. We were surrounded! A shout of pain forcefully escaping from the old man’s throat, followed by the snap of breaking bones abruptly halted my charge. Mataenos’ laughing and taunting at his enemies made up my mind to help the newcomers.


5 thoughts on “Death Cometh

    • Thank you. It was very exciting to write. I try to limit my posts to three paragraphs to keep the reader’s attention. This chapter is written in its entirety in my notebook. I would be honored if you read future entries.

      • I’d love to. I post short stories and character interview on my blog. haha I hope people don’t get too bored with 1,000 word stories. I always try to leave a twist at the very end.

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