With reflexes that betrayed his large muscular frame, the Norn parried a savage swing of an Ogre sword with his legendary Warhammer. “Is that the best you can do?” he hollered at the much larger Ogre as he reversed the swing of his parry to strike the monster’s elbow. The Norn laughed out loud as his attack was rewarded with the sound of breaking bone and a grunt of pain. He grinned and added, “My turn!”  Without pausing to get momentum, he hollered a warcry, “For great justice!” Jumping high in the air to strike his Warhammer down and crush the Ogre’s skull.  When he landed, he looked around to discover five more ogres had appeared out of the mist drawn by the sound of battle. “Come face my wrath or retreat while you still can!” he said to the approaching horde of Ogres, as they continued their march unfazed by his challenge.


In the chaos that ensued after the party reached the surface, a dark warrior, very skilled with his sword, could be seen cutting his way towards a female guardian battling a much larger Ogre. The old man George Unty suffered a crushing blow from an Ogre that launched him against the house ruins. A female Norn Necromancer and her minions were fighting several Ogres and their pet hyenas, as they fought their way back to assist George Unty. The mighty clash between the Ogres and the party of adventurers echoed for many leagues across the valley. Treasure hunters were always drawn to combat as moths were drawn to fire as the spoils of battle could be very profitable, if rare weapons or legendary artifacts were dropped.  Groups of such individuals could be seen entering the forest from the base of the nearby mountains. If this battle was not over soon, the party would not survive the raiding parties that were making their way to their location. Doom is the outcome for all creatures that defy what is already predetermined by the Eternal Alchemy.


The female guardian barely blocked another wild swing from the giant Ogre and was about to strike back at the giant when the dark warrior ran her through with his sword. The guardian stood for a moment staring at the tip of the sword protruding from her chest. “Goodbye Athena” said the dark warrior and backed away just in time for the Ogre to split the guardian in two with his rusty cleaver. The murdering swordsman then screamed, “NO!” in an attempt to cover his crime and severed the Ogre’s hand holding the cleaver still embedded in Athena’s corpse. Without a warning the Ogre’s head exploded under the Norn’s Warhammer showering the murderer with brain matter and blood. The Norn’s grim expression after seeing the body of the dead guardian was replaced with righteous fury as he charged at the nearest Ogre with Warhammer held high. The swordsman took a quick glance around to ensure he was not seen. Nearby, the female Necromancer was making short work of a fallen Ogre with her minions too busy to have seen what he had done. Slowly but deliberately he turned from his handiwork and began to calmly walk towards where George Unty fell.

 ~Prophet Icarael

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