When the dark warrior neared the ruins where George Unty had fallen, he froze as he discovered George Unty staring in disbelief and attempting in vain to retrieve his weapon. The warrior began to walk towards George Unty once again. “All good things must come to an end old man,” the warrior said as he drew a dagger from his belt and knelt in front of George Unty, then added “too bad it had to end this w….” The sentence remained unfinished as the warrior froze in place. Confusion seemed to take a hold of the warrior as his free hand began to feel around his neck as if searching for something or trying to find the reason for his inability to speak. His hand found the tip of an arrow protruding from his throat.  Athena’s murder had more witnesses than the warrior anticipated and he would have to answer for his betrayal.


The warrior stood and turned to face his attacker when another arrow pierced the hand holding the dagger launching the weapon into the nearby underbrush. By the time the warrior reached for his sword, three more arrows could be seen on his chest. On the small clearing directly across from the murderer, stood his judge and executioner. The warrior stared in disbelief at the cloaked figure of a Sylvari Ranger knocking another arrow unto his longbow string. The scene seemed surreal with the mist beginning to lift and the silence that signals the end of a long battle. From the edge of the trees the gigantic Norn emerged with his bloodied Warhammer resting easily on his broad right shoulder. From behind the ruins emerged the female Necromancer with a few less minions. Next to the Ranger stood Peyton Unty, anger and sadness written on her facial expression. “Why Lubu?” she asked, but the warrior could not reply.


“I knew you were the one responsible for our troubles.” said the Ranger, “it is regrettable that others had to die to see what you truly are…” As Lubu fell to his knees, the ranger released his last arrow and finished his statement. “Filth.” Lubu fell back, half the shaft of an arrow sticking out of his helm. Calmly the Necromancer approached Lubu’s corpse. “Fear not my dear…” she said softly, “death is not the end, but just the beginning.” As Peyton rushed to her father’s side to render aid, a dark cloud enveloped the killer’s body and by the time Peyton reached her father, the Necromancer had a new minion. Nobody present but the Necromancer and I, sensed the horror or heard the silent scream the moment the doomed Lubu became an undead slave.

~ Prophet Icarael

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