Liebster Award as nominated by Simcha

This will be the first time the Scouts get nominated for the Liebster Award. The honor of the nomination was granted by good friend and fellow Scout, Simcha. I will admit that while new to the blogger scene, I have been writing stories for a some time. The Ranzington Scouts blog was originally created to share my stories with the reader, and the support I have received from the community has been nothing short of humbling. So without further delay, I shall answer Simcha’s questions.

1What was your very first MMO character and why did you choose that race?

As the introduction to my blog indicates, Neverwinter Nights was my very first MMORPG. My first character was Urebril Sener, a half-drow ranger. I had always wanted to join a D&D group and experience role-playing with others but truth be told, the one time I tried it did not go well for my character. I was introduced to Neverwinter Nights and suddently found a way to role-play a character via an avatar. From the moment Urebril Sener was created the character became an extension of me online. The decision of playing a half-drow was secondary to my great appreciation of ‘The Dark Elf Trilogy” by R.A. Salvatore.

2.Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from?

My source of inspiration stems from the myriad of books I have read to date. I had the pleasure of meeting Alex Bledsoe, the author responsible for the Eddie LaCrosse Novels, and asked him about his experience of writing for a living. He explained the challenges faced by writers and inspired me to emulate his example at a much smaller scale. The decision to start an actual electronic journal for the Ranzington Scouts was finally cemented after discovering the blog of a good friend and fellow Scout The Traveller of Tyria.

3. What is a dream you’re still pursuing?

My dream is to leave it all behind, purchase an Airstream and travel to as many National Parks as I can. I hope to draw inspiration for my writing from my adventures and also dream to be able to write for a living. This dream currently has been targeted for accomplishment in 2024 but if it happened sooner, I would be besides myself. As a supervisor I feel It would be irresponsible to leave right now without meeting current commitments at work, current expenses, and life responsibilities in general.

4. Do you know sign language? Why not?

Sadly, I have not learned sign language. I know, English, Spanish, Japanese and a touch of German. I fear that like any language, sign language would be forgotten without frequent use.

5. Subtitle or not? (Games, TV, whatever)

While some games require the use of subtitles, I mostly plain without subtitles.

6. Which blogger/vlogger/podcaster (or similar) would you like to meet in real life and why?

I would be honored to meet all the bloggers I follow. I care for each one of the bloggers that started this journey with me and offered their support. Special mentions go to Terry(Traveller or Tyria), Jaedia, Missy, Simcha, Belghast, Jebro, and too many to list here. My fellow Scouts strive to set an example that is difficult to emulate by others. I consider each one very talented and I appreciate their sacrifices to bring my imagination to life.

7. What is the first MMO you’d want to visit in full VR mode?

Guild Wars 2, of course. Tyria is just such a beautiful place with gorgeous landscapes.

8. Which ingame MMO place/location do you consider a home to return to?

This is dependent on the character I am playing at the time. For Urebril Sener, the Caledon Forest, for Khalin Ravenheart Divinity Reach.Role-playing a character is the sole reason I am online, and I must use the limited amount of time I have wisely.

9. What’s the origin of your blogging name?

It is deeply rooted in the origin of Urebril Sener. The Ranzington Scouts are really about trying to find the same sense of friendship and community that made role-playing online such a fun experience for me.

10. What would you name your guild? Why that name?

Our Guild’s name is Ranzington Scouts(RZS). As stated before, it is about players getting to know each other, laugh and forget about their worries for the time spent adventuring together. For this reason, the Scouts can be found across most gaming platforms in select multiplayer games.

11. What is the thing you like most about yourself?

My desire to help others. I aim to provide loyalty, honesty, and counsel without judgement to those that seek my friendship. I also like to remind others that regardless of the challenges we all face, I am always willing to listen and share my thoughts.

As I reach the end of my interview I look forward to reading responses from these Liebster Awards Nominees.

  • Terry (Traveller of Tyria):This should not come as a surprise
  • Wyrmhole Gaming: A couple currently working on living their dream.
  • Canada Mathlete: An intelligent writer whose articles have always been a joy to read.

Here are your eleven questions:

  1. If you had to start the last article you wrote over, what would you do differently?
  2. What is your favorite MMO? Why?
  3. Do you feel the need to role-play your character when playing MMORPGs? Explain.
  4. What so you consider to be the biggest challenge when writing?
  5. What do you use as your source of inspiration when you write?
  6. If you could be any character in a story, who would you be and why?
  7. What is your favorite book of all time?
  8. Name one goal you hope to achieve this year.
  9. What do others say is your best quality? Do you agree?
  10. What inspired your online name?
  11. Do you feel your writing inspires your readers?

What you do with this nomination is up to you, but I would love to read your answers when you can find the time to write them. Cheers!

~Urebril Sener

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