Bloodtide Coast

Yuki Silverleaf, a beautiful young Silvary druid along with her feline companion Mups was known by all denizens in the Grove for her love for life, her smile, her contagious laughter and her carefree demeanor. While her smile seemed to melt the hardened hearts of those around her, she always felt like she was missing something. There was always an emptiness that was never filled at the place she called home and a constant desire to explore new lands. It was this wanderlust that had brought her to the Bloodtide Coast.

She always enjoyed how the sun and the breeze near the beach rejuvenated her spirits. Yuki had been here many times before, hiding from the travelers that frequented the trails leading to and from Lion’s Arch. She loved watching the gigantic Norn caravans go by with their heavy laden dolyaks carrying all sorts of exotic goods from the Shiverpeak Mountains. Human caravans were not as exciting but some were quite entertaining to watch as streamers and signs adorned their wagons. There were always so many things to see near the coast that she always found herself drawn to it.

Today was different. Something in the air made Yuki feel anxious. The rainy season was here heralding the return of the Mad King. It was as if the weather itself was warning her to return to the safety of the Grove, back home where she belonged. From the trees where she was hiding she could see the empty trails leading to Lion’s Arch and what seemed to be the light of a fire just at the next bend on the trail. Curiosity lured her out of the safety of the trees as she headed towards the source of the light.

As she got closer she could hear laughter and singing. She happily picked up the pace to see the source of the celebration. As she reached the clearing her heart sank as she saw that several burning human bodies were the source of the light. Several wagons were overturned with their contents ransacked and in disarray all around the ground. This was not a celebration, it was a massacre and she had stumbled right into the middle of it. She suddenly realized the seriousness of her predicament as the laughter stopped and several of the murdering bandits were now staring at her.

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